Sunday, November 12, 2006


So its been a good while since i have left a blog. Im not entirely sure why, although there are loads of things which have been a factor in my lack of posting.

Well one of those things is time. This new academic year has started as a very very busy one. I find little time to relax although i dont want this to sound like im not having a great time. I just think ive taken a little too much on... But i wont stop untill it makes me unhappy.

The other thing i guess is necessity! I feel this bolg is a great way to let out some ideas and thoughts and emotions which would otherwise reamain inside me. Recently i have not needed an outlet for these feelings as perhaps i have had an outlet elsewhere or maybe i have just been content. Who knows!? Either way, i havent felt the need to say anything of any great imprtance.

But regardless i think my blog is a part of me and i should do my all to keep it as updated as my life is.

So expect new posts, new pictures and new stories soon.

I hope everyone is well.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


May i wish everybody a wonderful wonderful Ramadan.

May you all feel the blessings of this month and the peace that it brings.

A time to slow down and to open our minds and our hearts.
We need to live every single moment and except the blessings of Allah as a gift.

I wish every single one of you happiness.

Ramadan Kareem.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mexico to Wales

Im now back in Wales.

Its a funny feeling. Slightly low, as the last month has been a special time. But im not that down as the thought of what I did and what I saw always makes me smile. It was an amazing journey.

If I could I would love to somehow thank all the people who made the month amazing. All the amazing local people who didn't stop smiling. All the people who invited us to their homes. All the travelers who shared their experiences and had a laugh with us. Obviously the biggest thanks goes to God for creating such a beautiful region and giving me the opportunity to experience it. I never stopped being in awe of my surroundings.

Over the next few weeks ill release more pictures of my journey and reveal more stories so keep an eye out.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Couple More Pics

My home for a few days. Living on a Volcano over looking Antigua (Guatemala) below me and the other 2 volcanoes in the distance. What a place!

The detination of our 3 hour hike, Semuk Champey. The most beautiful river pools.

Some Pictures at Last

Agua Azul- A photo will never do this justice. We swam under this waterfall for hours.

Palanque - The most impressive ruins... located in the middle of the jungle there are animal all around us from monkeys to snakes and lizards. It is truely an amazing setting

Pitching our tent by the Rio Cahabon. We swam here at sunset and watched thousands and thousands of blats fly down river at once for their nightly feed. It was like a wave of black.

I promise more pictures to follow....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Young Israeli Boy!

I have met (or rather seen) more Israelis in the last 29 days than i have in my entire life combined. There are alot of them travelling around central America.
Im going to be honest with myself and with my blog and post exactly how i feel.

I dont like the idea of Israel. I wont let this post become political but i dont like the state if Israel. However i cannot say i hate Israelis. That would be a real flaw in my character, to hate a nation of people.
I conceed that not all Israelis are child killing soldiers, not all Israelis want to see us dead, and not all Israelis agree with the occupation of Arab land.

Having said all this i have not brought myself to get to know any of the many Israelis that i have seen. I dont feel like i want to engage them in anyway. They hear me speak arabic with my friend and i am sure they feel the same. I sense the distance, the unsure looks they give me, and the blatent lack of desire to interact with me. When i see an Israeli i think of his country, when i hear them speak i think of Palestinian children and of Lebonese towns and villages. I hope to God i am not a racist but these are the true feelings i have when confronted with Israelis.

Untill today......

In my hotel is a young Israeli boy. He knows im arabic as he has heard me speak and has asked others where i am from. We havent as yet had a conversation and i doubt that we will. But something in his face is different. He smiles at me at every opportunity, appears shy and reserved whenever i am around. I see his desire to talk to me but his reluctance as though he feels he would offend me. Maybe he senses my feelings... maybe its clear from my face. I like this boy though. In him i dont see the arrogance i see in others. I see him sitting in the corner of the lounge reading his book, alone, in the same shy way that he walks around the hotel, and the same shy way he briefly asked me for directions.

I make sure i smile to him everytime i see him and i offer a nod of aknowledgment. I cant bring myself to embrace him and befriend him or even engage him. But i hope he knows that i bear no hostility towards him, and actually i like him.

He sees my smiles now, and returns them with that same old shyness and uncertainty.

Im aware that perhaps some of what i feel is fundamentally wrong and i accept that as a possible flaw in me. I am not perfect. But what i feel are not ideas or views or arguments. What i feel is something i cant control inside of me. A feeling of dissociation from them. I cant help but not want to be around them.

I guess its the same uncontrollable feeling inside me which brings me to like this shy Israeli boy.

After all...

No Arab is superior over a non-Arab, and no white is superior over black and superiority is by righteousness and God-fearing alone.
sura alHujurat, 49.13

Monday, September 04, 2006


Its been a while since i last updated my blog but its just because i have had no time to sit down and elaborate on any feelings or experiences and i dont want my blog to just be all anecdotes with "i did this, and i did that, then i saw this, and had that, etc etc".
So although i still havent got long on the computer here is a brief updated.

After travelling along the pacific coast and inland of mexico i moved south towards Guatemala. I left Guatemala concluding that it is one of the best places i have ever seen in my life.

Here i lived on a rumbling volcano, sat up till 4am watching a lava flow in the distance with a distant lightning storm, relaxed in a hamock at 3000 meters while clouds floated below me, lived in the jungle, experienced the lovely Antigua, Went cave swimming and exploring and ended up 2km under ground and a cave (scary), swam under endless waterfalls and in lakes and rivers, met the most amazing people and had the most amazing time.

Thats the nut shell. Throughout my time here i was happy and constantly smiling, eating great food and having GREAT conversations.

The i moved towards the Caribbean coast into Belize. This country is not so nice but i had many laughs and a really enjoyable time (largely due to the challenge that the country put up). Unfortunately it was expensive here (comparatively) but the caribean coast is lovely.

Mexico (again):
Now im back in this awesome country. Im still on the Caribbean coast and its so much better here than in Belize AND its cheap. The sun is shining which makes averyone smile and everyone passer by wishes you "Bon Dia" and smiles. I love Mexico and am having a great time.

Will post pictures soon

Hope all is well with everyone who reads this.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

San Cristobal and My Begger Friend

Today i am in San Cristobal, east of the pacific coast and nearing the Guatemala border.

The trip here took 11 hours and was a spectacular bus journey through clouds, rivers, mountains and jungle to take us to an altitude of 2100 meters. The air here is so clean and crisp and the weather is lovely. The people are laid back and the atmosphere is relaxed and happy. I really like this town.

Goodbyes and Thankyous -

Leaving the pacific coast village of Mazunti meant saying goodbye to people who became very close. We shared many great moments and some special experiences. Id like them to know that i have grown as a result of meeting them. I hope to God that i see them again some day.

My friend-
I was in a bank today waiting for a friend to change travellers cheques and thought i would pass the time by writing in my journal. After about 5 minutes i find a young (really young) beggar sitting next to me. He was staring at my massive back pack which was resting on the floor with camping gear all around it. He looked bemused and interested in my gear but he never bothered me or asked for anything. I continued to writer in my journal and this aroused more interest from the young boy. He couldnt take his eyes off the pen. Had he never seen one before? Had he never used a pen before? I wasnt sure. When i had finished i called the boy over to sit next to me and he walked over with a little hesitation. I said hello and handed him the pen. The smile on the boys face was like nothing i had ever seen in all of my life. I cant imagine he could have been happier. I also ripped a piece of paper out and gave it to him so he could use his new toy!

He was so happy i thought he may cry. He ran off to show his mother the gift and i could see him writing or drawing on the paper. Im not sure if his mother was happy with such ¨earnings¨ but for those few minutes my little beggar friend was the happiest boy in San Cristobal.

Coming up.....

Tommorow i plan a jungle trek which should last all day and should take us to some spectacular waterfalls and to the home of the howler monkeys.
Ill post with pictures to update you on my adventure very soon

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The first few days...

Well so far has been great. We have had a real good look around the massive massive city and it is really nice. Although cities arent my thing, and there is a fair bit of pollution, i have enjoyed my first days.

Anyway tommorow we will be heading south towards the pacific coast before turning east towards Guatemala.

So far i have seen the amazing an amazing cathedral....

and an outstanding museum....

and met some great people...


Now im on the pacific coast of mexico and what a lovely place it is....

The place is amazing and has allowed me time to relax and reflect infront of some outstanding scenery. I have never seen such a beautifull sunset and every night we sleep on hammocks on the beach. What a life... Oh yes and the food is great.

Praying the Fajr on the sand and the mughrub on a cliff top is a fealing which can not be described.

Now we move on to San cristobal which is an indigenous village in the highlands of mexico. We are edging towards guatemala now and more pictures will follow.

The internet here is slow and the time is short so sorry if my blogs have been plain... but i hope you keep visiting for more updates..

Im glad to hear the Lebanon crisis is calming down.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The City of Mexico

So ive just landed and now im hanging out at the hostel where we have met a load of people. The trip was eventful to say the least. It started from losing the bus ticket from cardiff to london and ended up with an upgrade to first class.. but all will be revealed in my next post

By the way the landing into mexico was amazing. The city looks so spectacular from the sky there are mountains everywhere and the place is vast.

Tommorow ill post again and add some pictures too.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I want to buy Waterstones PLC (a book shop company in Wales), find the biggest Waterstones branch in the UK, put a big "CLOSED" sign up outside and just live in the shop for ever. Think of all the books in the world you could read without anyone bothering you!

I went to Cardiff Waterstones today and i picked up book after book and just read. I could of spent hours and hours and hours just reading and looking for good books, had it not been for my giant sized "to-do" list i would have stayed all day.

In central america im gonna be reading the Hisham Mater biography about life in Libya in the 70s. Apparently its amazing and beautifully written... it definetaly sounds good.

I love biographies. Ive fallen in love with reading about peoples lives so much that i struggle to read fiction now.

Anyway, to-do list done, emails written, blog written, dinner cooked and goodbyes said...

Onwards to Ciudad de México.

Monday, August 07, 2006

People watching at Schipol!

At Amsterdam airport right now watching people from all over the planet going about their business. I think the airport is such a weird and fascnating place. Remember once i said about sitting in the park looking up at planes flying past and wondering what people inside were doing and thinking...? Well im to the one in the plane now and i cant help but wonder if someone is looking up at my plane and wondering stuff.

Im waiting for my flight onto Cardiff where ill stay for a day and then move on to Mexico. Ill keep the pictures coming but stay tuned to my Flickr website with a load more pics on (its on my side bar which is strangely right down at the foot of my blog site...weird!)

Has anyone been to Tripoli Internation Airport recently? Have you seen how many air conditioning units they have....? Its bloody freezing in there! Before i got on the plane it damwned on me that the heat around me (because we boarded from outside via steps)was kind of comfortng and reassuring. It was like a kind of hug. Hmmmmm. I cant believe how weird i am sometimes.
I have 1 day (tommorow) to get a ton of stuff done. Ive written a "to-do" list and its long....very long. Hmmm. Cant wait!

Im am really looking forward to Central America. I loved it in Libya but my summer adventure continues.

Onwards to Cymru....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Beurocracy, Mr Khaki and a Forgotton Home.

My New Passport:

You may remember some time ago KhadijaTeri posting about Mr Khaki ; the all too familiar figure of Libyan places of authority. Well today I had my run in with Mr Khaki and his brigade – today was the day my passport expires.
I wont bore you with the details but I basically had to fill out a million forms, was told a million times that the forms filled were the wrong type, was sent to a million different places all around Tripoli… and oh yes… it was a very very hot day.
I couldn’t help but laugh at how power hungry the brown military suit wearing Mr Khaki had become, their boots shining and their three stars on their shoulder proudly glistening. I would say that a lot of them should well be proud of the job they're doing but unfortunately too many of them barely looked me in the eye as they waved me away and far too many of them were looking for a quick bribe in return for a short cut to obtaining (what is our civil right) a passport and ID card.
KhadijaTeri once mentioned the phenomenon of "wasta" or "friends in high places". Well I know a few people who have helped me along the way with some things over the years but not in immigration im afraid.

Anyway for those who know Tripoli and the surrounding areas, I ended up in "Gusur Bin Ghasheer" or "Al Swany" which is where I finally got my hands on my brand new passport and my brand new id card (which is still massive!! Why don’t they just shrink them the wallet friendly standard card size?????).

Anyway I was talking with one of the police officers who filled me in on the latest news which explained to me the impossible amount of beurocracy I found in Tripoli. Recently 5 immigration officials have been arrested and are on trial for supplying Egyptians and Tunisians with fake Libyan passports. The guys were apparently asking for 6000 euros for this "service" and were leeching onto the fact that the Libyan passport holder has the easiest access to a UK visa in the arab world. Now all kinds of nonsense is required to get a passport, including finger printing, and now officers are reluctant to help in anyway for fear of aiding a fraudulent claim to a passport…..hmmm

Well that’s my bit on Libya's bureaucracy and one of the biggest things I hate about this country.
I wish I had the presence of mind to take some pictures to calm me down but I think Mr Khaki would have had a thing or two to say about that.

A forgotten home..

My dad came from a really poor family who used to live in the Medina (center of town). As I grew up I used to hear stories of simple times where nearly 13 people lived in a one-floor house with only one bathroom and one kitchen and yet they all got along. My dads father died when my dad was young (the end of tenaweeya or secondary school) and as the eldest he had the responsibility of looking after the rest of the family… and a big family it was. Unfortunately he couldn't live his dream and go to university but instead had to hold down two jobs so that his younger brothers could stay in school and go on to university. I remember my dad telling me of how he used to wake up early to pray the dawn prayer and then go up on the roof to eat his breakfast so as to not wake the others. He told me of how he used to watch them all asleep in the one bedroom before he left in the morning and would come back so late at night (from his second job) that he would be greeted with the same sight of the whole family huddled together asleep. He would then go back on the roof to eat his dinner and then go to sleep. He told me of days when the first family on his street bought a television and how they all used to sneak up to the window to peep in and watch the "moving pictures". He told me of how they built an open air cinema in front of the house and how he could just sit on the roof eating his dinner and watch the late shows. He told me of the arab isreali war and the time when all jews were expelled from libya and how they hid a local jewish lady called Ramu from the authorities. He told me of the tears as they took away their jewish friends knowing too well they would never see them again. He told me of times when he was sent to buy bread and thought he would make his mother proud by bringing back bread and loads of money when he was convinced to gamble his few pennies by a street con artist with a deck of cards. He never played cards again.
All these memories in one house we call the medina house. All of my family, including brother and sisters, lived in the house (apart from me!) and have memories of a simple time.

Yesterday I went to visit the medina house. It still belongs to our family but is locked up with padlocks and is derelict (run down) with graffiti on the wall. I sat outside the house on a bench and I could see my dad sitting on the roof eating his dinner, I could see my uncles playing marbles in the street and their mother calling them from a window. I can see them all huddled together in the winter sleeping in one room. I could see a bunch of boys huddled together around the neighbours window wondering how the pictures on the television were moving.

These days everyone of the family I talk of lives in a multi-storey villa with air conditioning and a satellite. Im not sure if any of them sit and remember the days of the medina house, but I certainly remember the stories.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Long Trip Home.

Finding time to post on the blog has been difficult, as you can appreciate, what with planning for central America and the trip back to Libya. But ill try to update you with the latest.


On my last day in Cardiff I spent most of my time packing, arranging things with builders (who still havn't finished the roof!!!!!), tiding the place up, sending some presents to my friend Jo (from the last post), getting travelers cheques, vaccinations, doctors appointment, buying antimalaria tablets and playing for the dentist football team!!
As hard as I try not to leave things last minute it always seems as though the last day is a rush. I managed to get everything done and we managed to win the dental football match too (I was voted most valuable player of the dental school… hehe).

So by the time all that commotion was over it was quite late. I wanted to have an early night as I would be leaving the house at 3am the next morning but I ended up having a kind of heart to heart good bye chat to my friend Luca. That took me up till around 12midnight so I was glad to get some rest. I thought about staying up till 3 to save me the pain of "waking up"! Well I fell asleep anyway… far too tired, and my bed was far too inviting.

The trip:

Was pretty uneventful. The 3am wakeup was as painful as I expected it to be. My friend Sgwbi (pronounced Scooby!!) came to pick me up at half 3 to drive me to the airport… we did have a laugh on the way… he is one of my favourite people in Cardiff and I will definitely miss him.
The trip took me from Cardiff to Amsterdam and then on to Tripoli. Both flights were great but it was weird that the flight into Tripoli was full mainly with foreigners and not Libyans. A sign of the times I guess.
On the flight I was beginning to look forward to seeing some specific people.


My friend and cousin little moe came to pick me up from the airport and it was soooo nice to see him after so many months of msn chat. Ill never forgets the warmth of the hugs I got when I got home.. You can really tell the difference between a warm hug and an empty hug.
Ive spent the last days seeing a few people and going to visit some places and eating great food. Ive been to the farm to see how things have grown and how the animals have been multiplying. Also been to the beach and have some plans to go to Khomis and Musrata for a day or so.

Its good to see the middle east crisis from the arab angle for a change. It turns out that much of the news is similar to that delivered by the bbc or sky but that aljazeera and co deliver it sooner and with a lot more detail. Hearing the Hezbollah angle is good too as I need this to form a sound judgement.
All in all it still looks as much a massacre as it did when I was watching from Cardiff.

I hope to blog again soon with something a bit more interesting and substantial but finding the time is a bit of a mission.

Tomorrow ill attach some pictures for you all to enjoy.

I hope all is well with everyone who reads this…

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Defining moments?

I am a strong believer in defining moments. Now i dont know the significance of a defining moment or the deeper meaning behind it but i believe that defining moments happen.
To me a defining moment is one which you wont ever forget. Its something that will shape you as a person and will shape the way you lead your life. It may have a small affect (so much so that you dont recognise it) or it may have a powerful affect. A defining moment can occur when you meet someone for the very first time... When you say goodbye to someone.... when you figure something out.. when you see something special... when you feel something special... It could be anything.
Maybe at first you dont recognise your defining moments. Maybe one day you look back and you can see all the moments that you still remember (when you're 85 or something) and realise that they defined you.

Today i had a defining moment. Ive been on paediatrics clinic all afternoon. What a pain in the ***. But i had one patient who was mentally ill. She was very nice. She smiled all the way through the appointment. She had the brightest of faces. At the end of the appointment i was saying my goodbyes to her and her mother and the little girl just grabbed my arm and looked up at me. It seemed like it lasted hours but it was for just a few seconds. She had the most beautiful eyes in the world. They were full of so much joy and they looked like they had a story to tell. I felt something very strange when this happened. Patients always thank me after an appointment and after a while the word "thank you" becomes meaningless... they might as well just say "chiwawa"on their way out... it doesnt make a difference. But this little girl i think wanted to say thank you. What a special little girl.

On my way out of the hospital i saw a clinic glove thrown on the floor...

Isnt that fascinating?
I pray for peace for Palestine and Lebanon and for all those who are innocent.


I emailed a friend today that I haven't seen for years and years. Her name is Jo. Emailing her brought back so many memories of days gone past. Memories of how stupid I was, memories of simple times.... times before I had the burden of experience and hindsight.

I think experience can be a burden. It can inhibit us and can stifle our personalities for fear of the same mistakes recreating themselves. We are so so keen to learn lessons and learn from mistakes that when we fall off our bike we don't dust ourselves down and get back on.... we dust ourselves down and decide that the lesson was "not to ride the bike". Is this right? Or is this wrong?

I forgot how similar this Jo is to me. We were close for a reason. We didn't know each other for long but we were close for the time that we did know each other and now I can remember why. Her mind works in the same way as mine. She has similar fears and similar worries. Is this more important then having similar interests and similar love of things?

isn't it sad to think that there is always a price to pay for happiness.....?

Today I have had a big big big smile on my face all day. I don't know why! At one point I was on clinic and I was neutral, not happy, not sad. And suddenly I could feel myself instantly becoming happy. Something I could feel running through my blood (endorphines??). How weird. Some say I smile a lot... Apparently I have a big big smile.

isn't smiling the most amazing feeling in the world?


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Libya to Wales...

So the end of a weekend, and the imminent start of a new week. Sorry, I know in Libya you are well into your week already. Thursday is approaching fast and I'm really looking forward to going to Libya.

I'm really anxious at the feeling I'll get when I'm there. I mean its not the first time I go back to Libya but for some reason this feels different. Will I feel at home? Will I miss Wales? Will I feel like its where I belong? I'm really anxious. I have a feeling that, with all the bad things that have been going on in Cardiff the past year, I will feel a freshness in Libya which I have been longing for. The people that have hurt me will, by then, be thousands of miles away... too far to reach me and disappoint me again.. too far to let me down.

But I should make sure that I'm not running away. I think we should never run away. But that doesn't mean we cant move on. Humans are humans all over the world. A person in Wales is just as likely to hurt me as a person in Libya or China or wherever.

I have some thinking to do... But more importantly it's not the thinking, its the feeling I will get when I land in Tripoli. Its the feeling on the first night when I lie in bed before I go to sleep and have that 5 minutes (or so) of reflection. How will I feel? Will I feel at home? Will I still feel alone?

Inshallah (god willing) I will feel happy what ever happens.

God will guide us through the darkest of times. The sun will always rise regardless of how long, dark and cold the night.

Nos da.... Tasba7o 3ala kher.... Good night.

What a snap...

Isnt this the most amazing picture. Its of a sandstorm approaching in Iraq. I think it looks amazing...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Humane words at a time of inhumane actions....

" No Arab has superiority over a non-Arab, and no non-Arab has superiority over an Arab. No white person has superiority over a black person, and no black person has superiority over a white person. No man has superiority over a woman, and no woman has superiority over a man. The criteria for acceptance in the sight of God are righteousness and honest living."

Prophet Muhammad's final sermon before his death


Today I went into the center of Cardiff. Its always nice to go into town and see so many people enjoying themselves and walking around.

It was really busy and people were making the most of the hot weather. I went into town for the pro-peace, pro-Lebanon, pro-Palestine demonstration. I also went in to sort some bank issues out.

The demonstration was good with good numbers too but compared to other capitals such as Copenhagen, London, etc, the Welsh demonstrations are usually poor in comparison. I'm not sure if its because of the population of Cardiff (which is about half a million) or the demographic of Cardiff (which is largely students) or that people here don't care (this I strongly strongly doubt. Its not in the nature of the welsh not to care, unless you're from Swansea town!!). Anyway its good to show support. We all pray for the innocent.

Here are some snap shots of town.

Cardiff Market.... One of my favourite places.

Cardiff Market again... Fresh fruit everywhere.

Locals enjoying the sun and the shopping!

Town clock above the entrance to the market.

The back entrance to Cardiff Market. Notice the date.... 1891! Still standing. How many people have passed through these gates? How many people have bought fruit and fish from the market?

My Summer:

So here are my summer plans inshallah (god willing). On Thurs the 27th im leaving Cardiff to go to Libya. I'll be there until the 8th of Aug when I'll be returning to Cardiff. Only then I'll be traveling to Central America on the 9th of Aug(yep!! The next day after returning from Libya). I'll be traveling around Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Cuba for a little over a month and ill be flying back to London on the 13th of Sept. I'll be Blogging as much as I can on my travels and ill be describing everything as best I can as well as posting pictures and thoughts.
On my return to Wales I may stay a few days or week and may go back to Libya, perhaps for a visit or perhaps for longer (more on this later!!).
So im really excited about this summer. I'm hoping to really experience some interesting times and I plan to fully throw myself into the Central American culture and way of life. I visited South America last year and found the whole experience amazing! May this trip be equally as enjoyable inshallah. Ill keep you all posted.


Thank you to all those people demonstrating around the world for peaceful end to this aggression by Isreal. Disproportionate, indiscriminate and heartless.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Not much happened today. Denture designs, teeth extraction and a bit of football in the afternoon. All in all a nice day actually. I have also been planning my summer trip too (more to come on that).

What i want to talk about is Lebanon. Israel is unleashing what can only be described as a massacre on the innocent people of the sovereign state of Lebanon. The use of force by Israel is indiscriminate and excessive. I’m not sure where my mind is with regards to Hezbollah and what it does. We are lead to believe they are evil terrorist. However i have heard that their operations are military and not terrorism based (which means if they attack then they attack the military rather than civilians).

I’m lost in my mind but all i know is that Israel has once again shown that it has a blatant disregard for human life. I fear that as all the foreigners are evacuated from Beirut then the massacre will be forgotten because as we have seen before..... Arab life is not news worthy.

I don’t want my blogs to be political... but it is something dear to my heart. Human life is something dear to my heart. How can people be so cruel and cold?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Records, picnics and my new balcony!

What a day. I cant believe how hot it is. Officially hotter than egypt and libya (33 degrees) and is officially the hottest day in UK history at 38degrees. How crazy!!

I gave myself the day off today as i dont have patients and i just had lectures (sod that).

So last time i posted i had this social with the cast of eastenders planned. It turned out to be better than i thought. I just stayed with the people whos company i enjoy and stayed clear of the gossips and the idiots. All in all it was OK, not great, not crap just ok. At least there was no new scandal, although alot of gossip. The thing with gossip is that it doesnt have to be true!!

Ive spent the most part of the day trying to keep cool and helping my neighbour with a few things that need doing. He cant walk, bless him, so i help him when i can.

Late afternoon i went for a picnic with my friend Ffion. There will be more about this girl as time goes by because we share alot of history but things aren't too great any more. Women ay?
The picnic was lovely and we had some nice food and talked about weird things... some sad, some funny, some happy, some weird, some reminiscent. It was nice but its a shame i forgot my camera at home- would have had some nice pics. I was able to talk about some things i would otherwise be telling myself or just bottling up. Thank you for listening.

I hate saying goodbye.

My balcony-

Remember seeing the scaffolding around my house in a picture i posted? Well at the back of my house in my back garden there is the same. At the top of the scaffold is a platform where the workmen "work" and it kinda looks like a mediteraenean (spelling??!!) balcony. Its so nice to go up there late at night, so dark and sooooo cool with the evening breeze coming in. Its so high you can see so much without being seen yourself. I love it. Im thinking of asking the builders to leave the scaffold up even after they finish the roof (or maybe not!!!). Dont you think the night is the best time to reflect? Its so calming. Must have something to do with the darkness and its affect on the brain. The stars are so nice to just look at and wonder. I love watching planes fly by at night. I always wonder who is in the plane, where are they going, what are they thinking.....
Im not self absorbed but i sometimes find it really weird that other people are leading lives as well as me. That must sound strange. But i always wonder what other people are going through... Hmmm maybe i can explain it better when its less hot and im less frustrated.

Did you know that strawberries are not the same as cherries!!??

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Heat Wave..

What a pain in the *** morning. As expected it is BLOODY hot today. I mean its 34 degrees which i guess isnt as hot as some days in Libya but like i said before the dental school is just absolutely roasting. But thats not the biggest pain in my ***.....

I call the dental school "Eastenders", which is a soap (drama tv show) here in wales. The show is just full of scandal and is made a million times worse by gossip gossip gossip and even more damn gossip. The dental school is exactly the same. What makes things worse is that some people are so quick to jump on their high horse and look down at everybody and become judge, jury and executioner. I really dont like the dental school right now.

You may be asking "whats happened", "whats the gossip about" etc? Well perhaps all will become clearer with time. I think the worst thing is that its coming towards the end of the year and i think i have got to my expiry date for the year. I have no more to give and i desperately need to get away.... but im not sure anything will get solved like that. Im sure im making no sense but i will try to explain more as time goes by.

Heres a few pics of my arch nemesis "The Dental School".

8 years i have been walking in and out of this building. One day smiling, the next day sad.... up and down like a yo yo. The best thing about the hospital is the park surrounding it. I intend to take some pictures to post here because its so nice and peaceful. I go to the park alot and just sit on the grass and read and just relax and think about things. I'll describe it more when i have some pictures.

Anyway so that was my morning. This afternoon i have Paeds clinic (childrens clinic) which is not the best on a hot day like this. I love kids, i mean i really love them, but i hate hate hate hate kid patients. I have one or two patients on my list who are really nice and sweet. They behave really nicely and just stare up at me while pulling on my clinic coat.
To be honest i would probably miss the place alot. Its always the same isnt it? The thing you hate the most is the thing you find yourself missing.... complicating isnt it.

There's abit of a fancy dress thing going on tonight and i really would like to go but i just feel i have seen enough of dentists already and dont fancy socialising with them as well as working with them. Thing is i know what i will be doing if i dont go... and thats NOTHING! So i think i will just go and see what its like. Ill fill you in on my next post.

A little side note to say how discusted i am with what israel is doing right now. More on that some other time.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Well this is my second blog of the day and is (i guess) my proper blog as the first was a kind of test thing.

So i went to get my friend and house mate his birthday present from town today. I bought him a flag from the net and then got some words printed on it. He's Italian and the flag has "The world is ours" printed on it and beneath that it says "Champions of the World 2006". Im sooo happy that Italy won the world cup as im sure are 90% of libyans. It feels weird being happy for other people. As weird as it feels it doesnt detract from my happyness... the joy was so strong... I really really love Italy when it comes to football (and food).

So anyway he was really happy with the flag and hung it out his bedroom window. Heres a pic...

While we're on pics a took a snap of my house from the front....

Over the next few posts ill take different pictures of my house to share with everyone. You can see scafolding up because im having a new roof put on. The last roof was leaking everywhere so im sorting it out once and for all.

I cant believe how hot it is here in Wales right now. Apparently its 35 degrees but it feels alot more. Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day. Clinics is a nightmare when its hot, the place is just not made for hot weather. I got patients ALLLLLLL day tomorrow and i know its gonna be hell.

Thing is though, i love this place when the sun is out. I honestly think Wales is one of the most beutiful places in the world when the sun is shining. Its so green and pretty and everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves. People are just sitting around in the shade on the grass reading books, having a drink, or just relaxing. Its so nice to see. Its enough to bring a smile to anyones face.

Anyway a nice easy blog to start with i think to ease you in. By the way the picture associated with my blogs is of a boy holding the flag of Palestine- its a subject thats close to my heart, but more about that later.

Happy Blog Birthday!!!

Well this is my first blog day. Technicaly my first Blog Birthday, coincidently only 3 days after my real birthday.

This is just a test as im getting the hang of how things work around this site but im hoping to get posting real soon.

As other bloggers, my inspiration has been KhadijaTeri whos blogs are awesome. I really look forward to her daily blogs and it was her who inspired me to start my own. I dont think mine will be half as interesting or well written but something tells me thats not the point. Im just glad i have the opportunity to put my thoughts down somewhere.

Anyway, im off to figure this blog setup thing out!!!