Saturday, July 22, 2006


Today I went into the center of Cardiff. Its always nice to go into town and see so many people enjoying themselves and walking around.

It was really busy and people were making the most of the hot weather. I went into town for the pro-peace, pro-Lebanon, pro-Palestine demonstration. I also went in to sort some bank issues out.

The demonstration was good with good numbers too but compared to other capitals such as Copenhagen, London, etc, the Welsh demonstrations are usually poor in comparison. I'm not sure if its because of the population of Cardiff (which is about half a million) or the demographic of Cardiff (which is largely students) or that people here don't care (this I strongly strongly doubt. Its not in the nature of the welsh not to care, unless you're from Swansea town!!). Anyway its good to show support. We all pray for the innocent.

Here are some snap shots of town.

Cardiff Market.... One of my favourite places.

Cardiff Market again... Fresh fruit everywhere.

Locals enjoying the sun and the shopping!

Town clock above the entrance to the market.

The back entrance to Cardiff Market. Notice the date.... 1891! Still standing. How many people have passed through these gates? How many people have bought fruit and fish from the market?

My Summer:

So here are my summer plans inshallah (god willing). On Thurs the 27th im leaving Cardiff to go to Libya. I'll be there until the 8th of Aug when I'll be returning to Cardiff. Only then I'll be traveling to Central America on the 9th of Aug(yep!! The next day after returning from Libya). I'll be traveling around Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Cuba for a little over a month and ill be flying back to London on the 13th of Sept. I'll be Blogging as much as I can on my travels and ill be describing everything as best I can as well as posting pictures and thoughts.
On my return to Wales I may stay a few days or week and may go back to Libya, perhaps for a visit or perhaps for longer (more on this later!!).
So im really excited about this summer. I'm hoping to really experience some interesting times and I plan to fully throw myself into the Central American culture and way of life. I visited South America last year and found the whole experience amazing! May this trip be equally as enjoyable inshallah. Ill keep you all posted.


Thank you to all those people demonstrating around the world for peaceful end to this aggression by Isreal. Disproportionate, indiscriminate and heartless.


Blogger holly said...

the pics of the cardiff market are great .... cant wait to see the pics of south and central america...

4:58 pm  
Blogger WaLKiNG CoNTrADiCTiOn said...

Thanks holly. I cant wait to post more pics... i cant wait to go in fact.

Have a look at my side bar.. I've added some pics of my trip to south america last year.

Watch this space for more.

Thanks again holly.

7:57 pm  

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