Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Defining moments?

I am a strong believer in defining moments. Now i dont know the significance of a defining moment or the deeper meaning behind it but i believe that defining moments happen.
To me a defining moment is one which you wont ever forget. Its something that will shape you as a person and will shape the way you lead your life. It may have a small affect (so much so that you dont recognise it) or it may have a powerful affect. A defining moment can occur when you meet someone for the very first time... When you say goodbye to someone.... when you figure something out.. when you see something special... when you feel something special... It could be anything.
Maybe at first you dont recognise your defining moments. Maybe one day you look back and you can see all the moments that you still remember (when you're 85 or something) and realise that they defined you.

Today i had a defining moment. Ive been on paediatrics clinic all afternoon. What a pain in the ***. But i had one patient who was mentally ill. She was very nice. She smiled all the way through the appointment. She had the brightest of faces. At the end of the appointment i was saying my goodbyes to her and her mother and the little girl just grabbed my arm and looked up at me. It seemed like it lasted hours but it was for just a few seconds. She had the most beautiful eyes in the world. They were full of so much joy and they looked like they had a story to tell. I felt something very strange when this happened. Patients always thank me after an appointment and after a while the word "thank you" becomes meaningless... they might as well just say "chiwawa"on their way out... it doesnt make a difference. But this little girl i think wanted to say thank you. What a special little girl.

On my way out of the hospital i saw a clinic glove thrown on the floor...

Isnt that fascinating?
I pray for peace for Palestine and Lebanon and for all those who are innocent.


Blogger Living Away said...

wow, what a post!
"small" details make us think how simple is life!
welcome to the blog's world!

2:36 am  
Blogger AngloLibyan said...

that was just nice, thank you for sharing it with us.

9:37 am  
Blogger Trabilsia said...

A fantastic experience and thanks for sharing it.

11:11 am  
Blogger Aladdin of Tripoli said...

hey welcome to Libya , iam sure that u're having fun here ..

2:09 pm  

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