Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Heat Wave..

What a pain in the *** morning. As expected it is BLOODY hot today. I mean its 34 degrees which i guess isnt as hot as some days in Libya but like i said before the dental school is just absolutely roasting. But thats not the biggest pain in my ***.....

I call the dental school "Eastenders", which is a soap (drama tv show) here in wales. The show is just full of scandal and is made a million times worse by gossip gossip gossip and even more damn gossip. The dental school is exactly the same. What makes things worse is that some people are so quick to jump on their high horse and look down at everybody and become judge, jury and executioner. I really dont like the dental school right now.

You may be asking "whats happened", "whats the gossip about" etc? Well perhaps all will become clearer with time. I think the worst thing is that its coming towards the end of the year and i think i have got to my expiry date for the year. I have no more to give and i desperately need to get away.... but im not sure anything will get solved like that. Im sure im making no sense but i will try to explain more as time goes by.

Heres a few pics of my arch nemesis "The Dental School".

8 years i have been walking in and out of this building. One day smiling, the next day sad.... up and down like a yo yo. The best thing about the hospital is the park surrounding it. I intend to take some pictures to post here because its so nice and peaceful. I go to the park alot and just sit on the grass and read and just relax and think about things. I'll describe it more when i have some pictures.

Anyway so that was my morning. This afternoon i have Paeds clinic (childrens clinic) which is not the best on a hot day like this. I love kids, i mean i really love them, but i hate hate hate hate kid patients. I have one or two patients on my list who are really nice and sweet. They behave really nicely and just stare up at me while pulling on my clinic coat.
To be honest i would probably miss the place alot. Its always the same isnt it? The thing you hate the most is the thing you find yourself missing.... complicating isnt it.

There's abit of a fancy dress thing going on tonight and i really would like to go but i just feel i have seen enough of dentists already and dont fancy socialising with them as well as working with them. Thing is i know what i will be doing if i dont go... and thats NOTHING! So i think i will just go and see what its like. Ill fill you in on my next post.

A little side note to say how discusted i am with what israel is doing right now. More on that some other time.



Blogger utenzi said...

It's hot here too but not quite 35. Hell, that's almost as hot as I keep the incubator in my lab!

Good luck with school and clinic...

6:24 am  
Blogger WaLKiNG CoNTrADiCTiOn said...

Thanks Utenzi. Its cooling down these days but still hot.

2:29 pm  

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