Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Records, picnics and my new balcony!

What a day. I cant believe how hot it is. Officially hotter than egypt and libya (33 degrees) and is officially the hottest day in UK history at 38degrees. How crazy!!

I gave myself the day off today as i dont have patients and i just had lectures (sod that).

So last time i posted i had this social with the cast of eastenders planned. It turned out to be better than i thought. I just stayed with the people whos company i enjoy and stayed clear of the gossips and the idiots. All in all it was OK, not great, not crap just ok. At least there was no new scandal, although alot of gossip. The thing with gossip is that it doesnt have to be true!!

Ive spent the most part of the day trying to keep cool and helping my neighbour with a few things that need doing. He cant walk, bless him, so i help him when i can.

Late afternoon i went for a picnic with my friend Ffion. There will be more about this girl as time goes by because we share alot of history but things aren't too great any more. Women ay?
The picnic was lovely and we had some nice food and talked about weird things... some sad, some funny, some happy, some weird, some reminiscent. It was nice but its a shame i forgot my camera at home- would have had some nice pics. I was able to talk about some things i would otherwise be telling myself or just bottling up. Thank you for listening.

I hate saying goodbye.

My balcony-

Remember seeing the scaffolding around my house in a picture i posted? Well at the back of my house in my back garden there is the same. At the top of the scaffold is a platform where the workmen "work" and it kinda looks like a mediteraenean (spelling??!!) balcony. Its so nice to go up there late at night, so dark and sooooo cool with the evening breeze coming in. Its so high you can see so much without being seen yourself. I love it. Im thinking of asking the builders to leave the scaffold up even after they finish the roof (or maybe not!!!). Dont you think the night is the best time to reflect? Its so calming. Must have something to do with the darkness and its affect on the brain. The stars are so nice to just look at and wonder. I love watching planes fly by at night. I always wonder who is in the plane, where are they going, what are they thinking.....
Im not self absorbed but i sometimes find it really weird that other people are leading lives as well as me. That must sound strange. But i always wonder what other people are going through... Hmmm maybe i can explain it better when its less hot and im less frustrated.

Did you know that strawberries are not the same as cherries!!??


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