Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I emailed a friend today that I haven't seen for years and years. Her name is Jo. Emailing her brought back so many memories of days gone past. Memories of how stupid I was, memories of simple times.... times before I had the burden of experience and hindsight.

I think experience can be a burden. It can inhibit us and can stifle our personalities for fear of the same mistakes recreating themselves. We are so so keen to learn lessons and learn from mistakes that when we fall off our bike we don't dust ourselves down and get back on.... we dust ourselves down and decide that the lesson was "not to ride the bike". Is this right? Or is this wrong?

I forgot how similar this Jo is to me. We were close for a reason. We didn't know each other for long but we were close for the time that we did know each other and now I can remember why. Her mind works in the same way as mine. She has similar fears and similar worries. Is this more important then having similar interests and similar love of things?

isn't it sad to think that there is always a price to pay for happiness.....?

Today I have had a big big big smile on my face all day. I don't know why! At one point I was on clinic and I was neutral, not happy, not sad. And suddenly I could feel myself instantly becoming happy. Something I could feel running through my blood (endorphines??). How weird. Some say I smile a lot... Apparently I have a big big smile.

isn't smiling the most amazing feeling in the world?



Blogger Aladdin of Tripoli said...

yeah smiling is the best feeling in the world , you know i am a smily person too , even in my worst days ever i do smile , i get nervous so quickly but i do smile while being angry ( it's stupid lol). smile is good i mean you may pay a price for happenies but belive me smiling always Free all times good times and bad times .
i enjoyed your last post. have a safe journey to Tripoli and have fun , you can make it Fun in Libya , iam sure u'll enjoy it.

12:59 pm  
Blogger WaLKiNG CoNTrADiCTiOn said...

Thanks aladdin.

2:12 pm  
Blogger Trabilsia said...

When I teach, I always encourage students to smile cause it is supposedly to make them feel more at ease when learning. Although sometimes our people have difficuty in this(smiling ) cause they fear they're letting down their guard !

11:26 am  

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