Thursday, July 20, 2006


Not much happened today. Denture designs, teeth extraction and a bit of football in the afternoon. All in all a nice day actually. I have also been planning my summer trip too (more to come on that).

What i want to talk about is Lebanon. Israel is unleashing what can only be described as a massacre on the innocent people of the sovereign state of Lebanon. The use of force by Israel is indiscriminate and excessive. I’m not sure where my mind is with regards to Hezbollah and what it does. We are lead to believe they are evil terrorist. However i have heard that their operations are military and not terrorism based (which means if they attack then they attack the military rather than civilians).

I’m lost in my mind but all i know is that Israel has once again shown that it has a blatant disregard for human life. I fear that as all the foreigners are evacuated from Beirut then the massacre will be forgotten because as we have seen before..... Arab life is not news worthy.

I don’t want my blogs to be political... but it is something dear to my heart. Human life is something dear to my heart. How can people be so cruel and cold?


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