Saturday, August 12, 2006

The first few days...

Well so far has been great. We have had a real good look around the massive massive city and it is really nice. Although cities arent my thing, and there is a fair bit of pollution, i have enjoyed my first days.

Anyway tommorow we will be heading south towards the pacific coast before turning east towards Guatemala.

So far i have seen the amazing an amazing cathedral....

and an outstanding museum....

and met some great people...


Now im on the pacific coast of mexico and what a lovely place it is....

The place is amazing and has allowed me time to relax and reflect infront of some outstanding scenery. I have never seen such a beautifull sunset and every night we sleep on hammocks on the beach. What a life... Oh yes and the food is great.

Praying the Fajr on the sand and the mughrub on a cliff top is a fealing which can not be described.

Now we move on to San cristobal which is an indigenous village in the highlands of mexico. We are edging towards guatemala now and more pictures will follow.

The internet here is slow and the time is short so sorry if my blogs have been plain... but i hope you keep visiting for more updates..

Im glad to hear the Lebanon crisis is calming down.


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