Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Long Trip Home.

Finding time to post on the blog has been difficult, as you can appreciate, what with planning for central America and the trip back to Libya. But ill try to update you with the latest.


On my last day in Cardiff I spent most of my time packing, arranging things with builders (who still havn't finished the roof!!!!!), tiding the place up, sending some presents to my friend Jo (from the last post), getting travelers cheques, vaccinations, doctors appointment, buying antimalaria tablets and playing for the dentist football team!!
As hard as I try not to leave things last minute it always seems as though the last day is a rush. I managed to get everything done and we managed to win the dental football match too (I was voted most valuable player of the dental school… hehe).

So by the time all that commotion was over it was quite late. I wanted to have an early night as I would be leaving the house at 3am the next morning but I ended up having a kind of heart to heart good bye chat to my friend Luca. That took me up till around 12midnight so I was glad to get some rest. I thought about staying up till 3 to save me the pain of "waking up"! Well I fell asleep anyway… far too tired, and my bed was far too inviting.

The trip:

Was pretty uneventful. The 3am wakeup was as painful as I expected it to be. My friend Sgwbi (pronounced Scooby!!) came to pick me up at half 3 to drive me to the airport… we did have a laugh on the way… he is one of my favourite people in Cardiff and I will definitely miss him.
The trip took me from Cardiff to Amsterdam and then on to Tripoli. Both flights were great but it was weird that the flight into Tripoli was full mainly with foreigners and not Libyans. A sign of the times I guess.
On the flight I was beginning to look forward to seeing some specific people.


My friend and cousin little moe came to pick me up from the airport and it was soooo nice to see him after so many months of msn chat. Ill never forgets the warmth of the hugs I got when I got home.. You can really tell the difference between a warm hug and an empty hug.
Ive spent the last days seeing a few people and going to visit some places and eating great food. Ive been to the farm to see how things have grown and how the animals have been multiplying. Also been to the beach and have some plans to go to Khomis and Musrata for a day or so.

Its good to see the middle east crisis from the arab angle for a change. It turns out that much of the news is similar to that delivered by the bbc or sky but that aljazeera and co deliver it sooner and with a lot more detail. Hearing the Hezbollah angle is good too as I need this to form a sound judgement.
All in all it still looks as much a massacre as it did when I was watching from Cardiff.

I hope to blog again soon with something a bit more interesting and substantial but finding the time is a bit of a mission.

Tomorrow ill attach some pictures for you all to enjoy.

I hope all is well with everyone who reads this…


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