Monday, August 07, 2006

People watching at Schipol!

At Amsterdam airport right now watching people from all over the planet going about their business. I think the airport is such a weird and fascnating place. Remember once i said about sitting in the park looking up at planes flying past and wondering what people inside were doing and thinking...? Well im to the one in the plane now and i cant help but wonder if someone is looking up at my plane and wondering stuff.

Im waiting for my flight onto Cardiff where ill stay for a day and then move on to Mexico. Ill keep the pictures coming but stay tuned to my Flickr website with a load more pics on (its on my side bar which is strangely right down at the foot of my blog site...weird!)

Has anyone been to Tripoli Internation Airport recently? Have you seen how many air conditioning units they have....? Its bloody freezing in there! Before i got on the plane it damwned on me that the heat around me (because we boarded from outside via steps)was kind of comfortng and reassuring. It was like a kind of hug. Hmmmmm. I cant believe how weird i am sometimes.
I have 1 day (tommorow) to get a ton of stuff done. Ive written a "to-do" list and its long....very long. Hmmm. Cant wait!

Im am really looking forward to Central America. I loved it in Libya but my summer adventure continues.

Onwards to Cymru....


Blogger maiuna said...

really?? the air conditioning is working!! that's really great, the last time i was there it wasn't, and it was really hot and uncomfortable, well that's good news "even though it was colder (FREEZING) than it should be ;)"
at the end, wish u luck at ur trip to Mexico and with ur "TO DO LIST" ;)

7:38 am  
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