Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I want to buy Waterstones PLC (a book shop company in Wales), find the biggest Waterstones branch in the UK, put a big "CLOSED" sign up outside and just live in the shop for ever. Think of all the books in the world you could read without anyone bothering you!

I went to Cardiff Waterstones today and i picked up book after book and just read. I could of spent hours and hours and hours just reading and looking for good books, had it not been for my giant sized "to-do" list i would have stayed all day.

In central america im gonna be reading the Hisham Mater biography about life in Libya in the 70s. Apparently its amazing and beautifully written... it definetaly sounds good.

I love biographies. Ive fallen in love with reading about peoples lives so much that i struggle to read fiction now.

Anyway, to-do list done, emails written, blog written, dinner cooked and goodbyes said...

Onwards to Ciudad de México.


Blogger Ghazi Gheblawi said...

Dear Walking Contradiction I like your blog and your trip to Latin America seems a very great idea, by the way I read your post on reading Hisham Matar's book, just wanted to comment that the book is not a biography in any way, its a work of fiction, there might be slight similarities with the author's real life but all the details are not biographical. sorry for the intrusion... Ghazi

2:51 pm  

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