Wednesday, August 16, 2006

San Cristobal and My Begger Friend

Today i am in San Cristobal, east of the pacific coast and nearing the Guatemala border.

The trip here took 11 hours and was a spectacular bus journey through clouds, rivers, mountains and jungle to take us to an altitude of 2100 meters. The air here is so clean and crisp and the weather is lovely. The people are laid back and the atmosphere is relaxed and happy. I really like this town.

Goodbyes and Thankyous -

Leaving the pacific coast village of Mazunti meant saying goodbye to people who became very close. We shared many great moments and some special experiences. Id like them to know that i have grown as a result of meeting them. I hope to God that i see them again some day.

My friend-
I was in a bank today waiting for a friend to change travellers cheques and thought i would pass the time by writing in my journal. After about 5 minutes i find a young (really young) beggar sitting next to me. He was staring at my massive back pack which was resting on the floor with camping gear all around it. He looked bemused and interested in my gear but he never bothered me or asked for anything. I continued to writer in my journal and this aroused more interest from the young boy. He couldnt take his eyes off the pen. Had he never seen one before? Had he never used a pen before? I wasnt sure. When i had finished i called the boy over to sit next to me and he walked over with a little hesitation. I said hello and handed him the pen. The smile on the boys face was like nothing i had ever seen in all of my life. I cant imagine he could have been happier. I also ripped a piece of paper out and gave it to him so he could use his new toy!

He was so happy i thought he may cry. He ran off to show his mother the gift and i could see him writing or drawing on the paper. Im not sure if his mother was happy with such ¨earnings¨ but for those few minutes my little beggar friend was the happiest boy in San Cristobal.

Coming up.....

Tommorow i plan a jungle trek which should last all day and should take us to some spectacular waterfalls and to the home of the howler monkeys.
Ill post with pictures to update you on my adventure very soon


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