Sunday, November 12, 2006


So its been a good while since i have left a blog. Im not entirely sure why, although there are loads of things which have been a factor in my lack of posting.

Well one of those things is time. This new academic year has started as a very very busy one. I find little time to relax although i dont want this to sound like im not having a great time. I just think ive taken a little too much on... But i wont stop untill it makes me unhappy.

The other thing i guess is necessity! I feel this bolg is a great way to let out some ideas and thoughts and emotions which would otherwise reamain inside me. Recently i have not needed an outlet for these feelings as perhaps i have had an outlet elsewhere or maybe i have just been content. Who knows!? Either way, i havent felt the need to say anything of any great imprtance.

But regardless i think my blog is a part of me and i should do my all to keep it as updated as my life is.

So expect new posts, new pictures and new stories soon.

I hope everyone is well.


Blogger Lebeeya said...

Hoping to see more post soon :)

Nice blog.

4:27 am  
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Blogger mani said...

hey dude you havent posted in ages...

1:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger weda said...

never 4get ur country &it will never 4get her nic children.......tak care of ur self

12:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when you gonna blog again...can't wait any longer....

9:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello from Libya. Why don't you post anymore ? Since you're in Wales would you by any chance know anyone called Fawzi al-ABED?

10:58 pm  
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